Keeping safe during Covid

The Little Art Shop’s plan for keeping safe during the Covid-19 pandemic
August 2020

  1. Only members of each art group will be allowed in the studio during session time. Members of the public and uninvited visitors are not welcome.

  2. When entering, leaving or moving around the studio we will be mindful of other people and socially distance. Please do not enter the studio more than five minutes before your session is due to start.

  3. We will sanitize our hands each time we enter the studio. Sanitizer will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

  4. Face coverings (either visors or masks) will be worn during all sessions. The studio will provide a clear visor for each group member. There will also be disposable paper masks available.

  5. Tables, chairs and door handles will be sanitized before each group.

  6. All equipment and materials provided by the studio will have been quarantined or sanitized. Groups will be informed of what they might need each week so they can bring their own equipment and materials from home if they wish. Aprons will not be provided. Any items brought in to the studio must be removed at the end of the session. Any materials used and completed work must also be removed.

  7. No food or drink will be supplied by the studio. Group members are welcome to bring food and drink into the studio for their own consumption.

  8. Each group member will remain in their own area using their allocated table and chair. There are no soft furnishings but you are welcome to bring a cushion for your chair.

  9. We will leave the studio should we need to remove our face coverings. The door will be opened on occasions to allow fresh air to enter the studio. Please be aware that this might mean there will be cold air circulating at times so you might wish to bring additional layers when the weather is colder.

  10. All group members will supply their contact details so that the studio can comply with Track and Trace.

  11. By attending a session you are agreeing that you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms or have knowingly been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.

  12. Anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 during the session, or within 14 days after the session, or tests positive within 14 days must inform the studio. A register of attendance will be kept so if a group member develops symptoms/tests positive everyone who has been in contact with them can be informed.

  13. The studio will close if the Garden Centre or our local area enters lockdown. Course fees will be refunded in the event of lockdown. If a group member tests positive for Covid-19, or is self isolating, they may withdraw from their group and receive a refund.

  14. We shall continue to be creative and enjoy our groups in the face of any adversity. We, and our conversations, will endeavour to remain Covid free!

  15. Guidelines may be revised as scientific and government information and guidance develops.


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